It's Your Time To Shine!

New Non Profits


The Adell Foundation has helped to create and oversee over a dozen new non profitprofits this year alone (2018) 

We also act as the fiscal agent for over six food programs in Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. We  oversee veterans,  youth empowerment programs, seniors, reentry, cancer support and Alzheimer's programs.

Get Certified!


Through our partnership with Lamad University, Denver Colorado, the Adell Foundation is offering partial scholarships to volunteers and/or staff that would like to earn their life coach certification. To apply for this scholarship you must work for or volunteer at a 501 C 3 organization that serves low income individuals and or families.

It's Time Get Started!


Let's make an impact in our communities! Call us today to find out about our church, school, business partner program.