It's Your Time To Shine!

New Non Profits

The Adell Foundation has helped to create and oversee over a dozen new non profitprofits this year alone (2018) 

We also act as the fiscal agent for over six food programs in Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. We  oversee veterans,  youth empowerment programs, seniors, reentry, cancer support and Alzheimer's programs.

Through our 501 C 3 coaching partnership with Lamad Coaching, we can help you start your very own non profit in 90 days or less! 

Under our unbrella you can have all if tge benefits of being a 591 C 3 organization. You can apply for grants, solicit funds, and more!

Get Certified!

Take your community program to the next level! 

Tap into the resources only 501 C 3 organizations qualify for! 

Close the deal

Through our partnership with Lamad Coaching,  the average new non profit that followed their coaching plan received $1500 -$5000 in grants/donations within the first 90 days of existance! 

Call today for a free phone consultation and use the code. Adell5779Y