educational and cultural arts programs


Summer Break 2020

Summer Performing Arts  Day Camps provided by our partner agency Dance Affections.

Summer Food Progam host site registration in West Georgia Jan 25,2019 413 Main Street Villa Rica Georgia. Free meals for youth k-12th grades

Cooking Matters Volunteers and host site orientation Jan 25th. Location TBA Free Classes 


Educational and Cultural Arts Field Trips

Participants contact your coach for dates and times of trips. Each feild trip has free admissions.  

For those that will not be car rides, Uber is available and also Eternak Hope Transport at your own expense. 

Fern Bank Museum

Federal Reserve Bank

Ga Aquarium

MLK Museum

Sweetwater Lake

Braves Games


Community Art Programs

 Arts education positively impacts the lives of our children by helping to develop critical thinking, problem solving, resourcefulness, teamwork, and many other skills. An investment in the arts is an investment in the future of our community.  Introducing disabled youth to music, dance, and the arts 

everybody dance


Everybody Dance Workshops

 Everybody Dance  offers after-school, spring and summer dance camps to low-resourced children and youth from preschool through high school, at little or no cost .  The Adell Foundation's partnership with Dance Affections is thrilled to offer an adaptive dance and performing arts program. Any child can express themselves through the art of dance. Adaptive dance is designed to include everyone who wants to participate and to utilize their unique individual abilities to their fullest.  


Teen Talk Workshops

 Spoken Word is a powerful and effective medium for fostering creativity and self-expression in young people.  Youth  pour their hearts out onto paper in verse. They spend weeks furiously writing, revising, and coaching each other, and revising again. When they are done, they stand alone in front of their peers and recite poetry, using voice and gesture to bring their words to life.  



Our participants take part in free meals while attending heath and wellness workshops and or cooking matters classes. Quarterly educational and cultural field trips with free admission are also available. Genrle Motions classes are provided by Dance Affections and are optional.